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After a very successfull adventure in South America in 2001-2002, it is time for another big trip.

Once the travel bug enters the brain, it stays there forever.

Already a year ago I started dreaming about doing a trip to South East Asia.

And as I said last time "You know how these dreams come and are always there, but you never actually start working on realizing them.

Now is the time to do it."

Keep on tripping!

Wim, August 2004

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Because of previous experience we gained when backpacking South America, the preparation went quite relaxed and easy this time. First thing to think about is the visit to the tropical disease center of the University of Leuven. As expected we needed to get some shots again which expired: Tetanus, Dyfteria, thyphoid. Because of the long journey we also decided to get shots for Japanese encephalitis, a disease you can get in rural areas of Laos and Cambodja. I also got 3 rabies shots, to protect me better in case I would get bitten by a raging animal.

Secondly we needed to plan the banking issues, get new bank cards, order travellers cheques, give my mother full power of my bank account (and hope she doesn't use it for her own travels...). I also had to arrange with my landlady when I could leave my rental house and get back the deposit.

Off course we needed to arrange a deal with our bosses. Luckily we have the time credit possibility in Belgiun. Although some problems occurred for Sofie, it finally got arranged so we have full job security and benefits when we get back.

The last thing we checked out was a travel insurance. Normal health insurance only covers for 3 months, so we took an extra insurance with vtb-vab. The single compact traveller gives 4 months of cover, which can then be extended per month.

Last but not least I needed to create this website. Thanks to some good old code from Matthias who created the original Sofie and Wim's adventures site, and magnificent help from some neighbour and his sister, I got it ready just a few days before we leave.

So off we go for another big adventure. Keep on tripping !